Descrizione del progetto

The scene that won the first prize at the Blender Italia November contest with the theme “the stone guardians”.
“A treasure of inestimable value kept in a fortress set in the mountain, shrouded in mist and mystery.
An indomitable warrior tries to cross a bridge, the only way that would lead him to the coveted entrance, where countless of his predecessors have failed to be annihilated by the mountain itself which stands as a proud guardian to protect the fortress and the fortunes inside.
Fighting such a force of nature would be vain, as shown by the remains of those who dared before him, so the warrior gives in to the despondency and fatigue of the long journey and, exhausted, offers his respect to the inexorable guardian.
Could such a gesture cause the guardian’s outstretched hand so threatening to turn into a gesture of blessing, thus leaving free the way to the mysterious doors? ”