Descrizione del progetto

Chronicle of a disaster announced … at Christmas
Artwork winner of the 2nd prize in the XMas contest from
It’s Christmas Eve 2021 and the news of Santa’s disaster 12 months ago still echoes. The good Santa Claus, in full midlife crisis, has given himself to the gym, to tattoos and to the preparation of the “Fast and Furious – Xmas edition” sled, not satisfied with the performance of the previous one.
The R31nD33r 2.1 sled is ready to leave for the traditional delivery, but the Rudolph reindeer, definitely worried about a new accident, prefers to use alternative means such as his Elf-porter drone and not risk yet another crash.
Santa Claus, unaware of the initiative of his dear companion, how will he react? The wrench in hand raises some concern… .. and will Rudolph be able to avert an announced Christmas disaster?